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Friday 31 January 2014

The weekly candle is irredeemable now I guess,I suspect a move down to 50% of the range but worth watching the 200 dma (not shown)

edit I changed the initial PF placement on the original chart (thanks to Lunasyko)
best guess is we head down to 9000 area then bounce

This is a pretty convincing chart from Kimble

Thursday 30 January 2014

Pivots chart (MPG Trader)

Wednesday 29 January 2014

nasty looking bearish engulfing /twin towers pattern.....can now calculate a measured move from todays high I think


Blue solid line (Gann 1x1) is very important support


288 (2x144) seems the last hope for a bear count on cocoa. Keep an eye on london contract if it were to break back below 1800 bears could be in business

key resistance at 5/8 level (9531) and 20 dma

Tuesday 28 January 2014


Gann Square



AAPL ...needs to see some more buyers soon to avert a bearish elephant bar on the weekly candles



Thanks to Coolbizone for this chart



Monday 27 January 2014

The Dax - from Oscar Carboni's daily video. Personally I still like the megaphone pattern chart I posted yesterday but Oscar's videos are always a good watch


I suspect any move back toward 160 is a buying oppurtunity


So, just as pretty much everyone in the sound money community predicted, tapering will end sooner rather than later when a panicked Fed announces some kind of bigger and better shock-and-awe debt monetization plan. The European Central Bank, which actually shrank its balance sheet in 2013, will reverse course and start monetizing debt on a vast scale. As for Japan, who knows what they can get away with, since their government debt is, as a percentage of GDP, already twice that of the US.

Mish - Deflation


Silver chart from Breakpoint Trades

Lots of great charts on this link


Only halfway through the trading day but possible breakaway gap

Time to sell UK Banks ?

I think so.At best we may see more sideways ranging but this is not a pretty chart


Gold in sterling looks to be bottoming. I marked in 2 major murrey math levels and would like to see follow-through this week to confirm 75 is now support


we pierced the upper bollinger band so I would expect a reversal here.I put some Gann wheel support levels in


Equal price ranges (and a monthly reversal bar ?)


Sunday 26 January 2014

http://solarcycles.net/2014/01/26/stock-market-crash-probable/   John Hampson


still no sign of a low in fact we got a high below broken support last week
bull points - poss w5 and we have a 3 month decline


Elliott wave analysis from Nouf,which also discusses the importance of the yen carry trade



We reversed pretty well in the middle of the resistance zone - I had kinda been thinking it might reach 9900 but still...

Murrey Math :


the expanding triangle.I marked in a 6 and 8 month cycle convergence area

Nasdaq and the "circle of 360"

Was watching 3600 on Nasdaq and we finally got our reversal signal after 85 weeks, a shooting star weekly candle.We had our 50% move into resistance off half the circle (240) up to completion at 360 (times 10)and time looks to be working on 1/4 of the circle,90 weeks.Interestingly the 90 week cycle will also be 45 weeks from the 270 low which would square time 45 weeks against price 90 points (x10) at 1 x 2. A 5 week correction would also be a "matching wave " with the summer decline

Saturday 25 January 2014



Cable followed through with further selling from my intraday post on Friday and we got a bearish outside day.As mentioned before 1.66 was an important level (1800 off the low) and there were important Gann emblem cycles in January,this could be a significant top.


Yen strength across the board this week.The yen has been used as a funding currency for speculation so this is bad news for bulls



Bearish reversal candle


405 worked in the end :-)

Gary Savage

FTSE swing failure

Korelli's FTSE chart (link on blog list)

Dax (Jun futs)


3rd LH setup,neckline broken



The Santa rally was a measured move.The churning below 1846 without a new high was a warning the trend was tired (this is nearest futs )