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Monday 30 September 2013

will we bounce off the supporting angle ?

S&P not on 1x1 support yet


bearish engulfing and doji

in hindsight the low at 42.43 was a beautiful twin towers setup retracing to the 20 dma


could bounce but not a good looking chart

a real "doomer" video but some very interesting information and ideas


this months candle is shaping up to be a huge gravestone doji


Sunday 29 September 2013


HL -top at 10 ?

could be a TAS  (we made a new high but it reversed)

Ftse250 - 3 drives ?

Seymour Hersh on American "Journalism"


Thanks to Sukimoto for this link, very interesting video

"Conspiracy is the engine of history"    "Conspiracy is not a theory"


This chart ,first posted a few weeks back,continues to look bearish

http://www.hussmanfunds.com/wmc/wmc130415.htm    John Hussman bubble analysis


I wonder if Carney has started hedging his salary yet ?

Darkest Knight's wave count

Saturday 28 September 2013

just goofin around. IF we ran up 666 points from 1075 in 720 degs time we could decline 54 degs to square the range in a Nov low, which would also balance the yearly cycle (Nov -May-Nov )
666 points would also be very close to 161.8  times 1075 and ( 2.618 times 666)



gold is tricky here,I am inclined to read the above chart bullishly but below looks vulnerable unless it can break back above the mvg aves


The kagi chart shows the strength of resistance at 500.

On the weekly bar chart we had a gap up but closed the week on the lows.a possible reversal signal

S&P  3 line break chart


Friday 27 September 2013

Quite a confused picture...Ftse daily chart bearish but not confirmed by other markets.Dow weekly candle chart is bearish though

the 3 line break chart has turned down

GOOG sq of 360

Thursday 26 September 2013


watching the yearly cycle to see if we get a confirmed higher low


top in ?

chart from SoulJester



Wednesday 25 September 2013

bull flag ?



key support for gold at1309 (50% retracement for major range,Gann angle intersection and 1 year cycle from the high . This works both ways ie suggests  buy but sell signal if it breaks


just looking at the Dax and something to watch could be the 54 months/5400 points off the low (3600 March 2009) Squareout to 9000. There is also a minor squareout off the 7200 high to 9000 ,1800 points in 18 months.
The 2012 low was 5913 so 50% up is resistance at 8869
Measured move for the 2 big ranges kicks in at 8997


Japanese smaller companies

looks a bit of a no-brainer

Tuesday 24 September 2013

hourly chart with 50,200 ma from on Walker. Will we get another cross ?

and Ichimoku from Ron

Godfrey Bloom,clearly not "politically correct" (in the light of recent remarks)but this was a great interview that cuts right to the heart of so many things



JMO  looks like a B wave completing an ending diagonal. I marked in 50% and 150% from the 2 lows


I posted this chart back in May and we now have 2 LH's and a broken "neckline"

GSDoji was another 7 day move

this chart is 3 weeks old and we got our red bar last week


Monday 23 September 2013



Vodafone broken out ?


FB overran my 45 target,resistance now 49-50


this one ran further than I expected,Still looking for a top.Thursday's doji may be a marker.

2 more charts from the Breakpoints Trades link

long term timers should watch this chart below !