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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Decennial cycle

* The first year of a decade is the year to look for a bear campaign to end and bull market to begin.
* The second year, is a year of a minor bull market or a bear market rally.

* Year three is the start of bear year, but the rally from the second year may run into March or April, or if the second year is a decline, the decline from the second year may run down and make bottom in February or March of the third year.

* Year four is to be a bear year, but it ends the bear cycles and lays the foundation for a bull year.
* Year five is the bull year, the year of ascension.
* Year six is a bull year in which the bull campaign which started in the fourth year usually ends in the fall.
* Year seven is a bear year (but note that 1927 was at the end of a 60 year cycle and that there was no decline).
* Year eight is a bull year. Prices start advancing in the seventh year and reach the 90th month of the decade in the eighth year. This is very positive and a good advance usually takes place in this year.
* The ninth year of the decade is the strongest of all bull years for bull markets. The final bull campaign culminates in this year after an extreme advance, and the prices start to decline. The bear market usually starts in September to November.
* Year ten is a bear year. A rally often runs until March or April, then a severe decline takes place until November or December, when a new cycle begins and another rally starts.

(from   http://www.cyclesresearchinstitute.org/cycles-research-markets/gann.shtml )

and from the same source

 " Square of 7, 49 is very important for change in trend."  (49 weeks was the length of the final rally from 1074 to 1474)

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