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Tuesday 28 January 2014


Thanks to Coolbizone for this chart


  1. SPXA200R crashes. http://scharts.co/1aESfIB

  2. Clip from Trade Guild:

    "This is the Percentage of all NYSE stocks trading 2-standard deviations ABOVE their 40-day price moving average, the momentum stocks vs. the SPX in red. You can clearly see a divergence from October to present, far fewer stocks are above their 40-day (2 SD's above) than in October, even though the SPX moved higher.

    What is truly shocking and very interesting is there are about 8-10 different versions of this indicator using just the moving average or 1 standard deviation or 2 or trading above or below the moving average and using the 40-day and 200 day. All are showing the same MASSIVE deterioration the last 2-days. We went from 28% which is low compared to October's approx. 40% down to only 6.85% in 2-days. In almost EVERY CASE, EACH VERSION OF THIS INDICATOR HAS SEEN BREADTH TUMBLE BY AT LEAST 50% OR MORE (like this one) ,OVER THE LAST 2-DAYS ALONE."

  3. how do you trade off that chart???

  4. Morons buying DHI gonna hold a huge bag.

    1. interesting Jim Willie interview (ignore the whacko Christian fundamentalist intro :) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/trunews/2014/01/27/trunews-january-27-2014--jim-willie--does-china-own-the-fed