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Tuesday 25 February 2014

Is it time ?


  1. No.

    ECB will start next week (watch Thursday) a program like our QE (in USA) or the QE of BOJ.

    that will make stoks go up in "A" pumping way!
    So keep your powder dry, gunny boy! (for the moment)

    Aunt Annie

    1. Interesting....there is a smart trader at FAM's blog who is also saying that.I was under the impression the Germans wont allow it though ?

    2. with a falling inflation strongly below 2% annual inflation target in euro zone (at 1.1-1.2 %).... Germany will swallow it's words! .... quickly! I'll invite that cheap lady, Merkel, to drink a jasmine tea in order to provide her some explanations .... lol ....

      Aunt Annie :)

  2. Short FTSE 6860 Stop-loss. Double zig zag correction over. Nice tight risk setup.

    1. Thanks Geno...looks like a last failed attempt to reach 6920 ,twice the 2009 low

  3. Hi,
    Interesting chart, i think it is time for the spx to enter an intermediate correction.
    Here are some other great charts on the us market I got from an institutional:

  4. You might find this one interesting.

  5. Yo, CR!
    Related to our discussion about EU inflation (CPI) I found out that it's not 1.1-1.2 % but 0.7% and lowering , strongly below 2% target inflation of ECB!

    Next Thursday when ECB has a meeting = bullish 'parteyyyyyy' :) !
    but until then a little bearish bias to shake'n'roll the weak hands :) (it shouldn't get below 1800 - if below 1800, that's dangerous!)

    Sweet Aunt Annie :D