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Tuesday 25 March 2014

now we have a bearish twin towers pattern on the hourly,an important sell signal against the hourly
could be right shoulder of head and shoulder pattern


  1. vix has all the bullish set up there, but does not move
    bad and disappointing news piling into the market and it goes up or holds, all bad news across the world and no major crash
    this shitty market just frustrates me so much as betting to the downside of the market

  2. Yep I am disappointed with price action off this setup

  3. some astro from Sugarman
    The weeks of April 11th & 18th are the 266th from the March SPX & DOW 2009 lows respectively. Gann's "Tunnel Thru the Air" page 82.
    April 14 - Pluto goes retrograde
    April 14 - Mars & Earth at closest point
    April 15 - Total Lunar Eclipse
    All leading into the Grand Cross involving Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, & Mars peaking about a week later.