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Wednesday 4 June 2014


The Aussie $ looks very vulnerable to me.It is possible we are in a 4th wave with a 5th wave higher to come but  wave counting is subjective and the simple TA is warning to be cautious especially if we break 92.There is an evening star reversal setup on daily candles,would be triggered by a close below last 2 day lows


  1. Hi CR
    I wish you put the EW numbering on the chart. I couldnt count it like you said. Your first chart leads me to think that price will sooner or later go to the lower line which is really bearish

    1. Hi Olu,Im not really a waver...I think the 4th wave idea was from Darkest Knight .If I find his chart I'll try and post it

  2. Its on his blog,here is the chart link