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Monday, 1 June 2020

Put/Call ratio

David Larew

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  1. Nice to see the put/call ratio monitored, posted and analysed. Need more of it IMO as it is very important information. Pretty much the deceptive nature of manipulating the market in one direction to rip off those that put their money down is how the so called market operates these days. No individual can compete with money printed from thin air, and weekly monopolised handout of everybody's regulated and enforced superannuation payments. The Banksters get this privilege only and use it to push and shove the market however they like. The put/call ratio represents how traders react to this manipulation and as soon as it gets highly unbalanced the Banksters use the superannuation and printed from thin air money to rip the market in the total opposite direction. Ripping all those off who are willing to put their money down.
    More regular monitoring of the put/call ratio needed IMO.
    Keep well CR. All the best. Hope you manage to avoid disruption from all the rioting in England happening at the moment.