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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

a good update from Andrea Calissano. Yesterdays move in the Dax was unexpected (by me) but the 200 dma was a support level .I want to see last week's high hold .



  1. "Yesterdays move in the Dax was unexpected (by me) . . ."

    You haven't been by lately. ;-(

    No-one's home right now, but the door's open, and the blackboard still has everything on it. The beer's all gone though . . . next weekend. ;-)

  2. LOL ! well done :-) I did actually post on daturday that the market might rally to allow the longer term ma's to converge again but the forgot about it because I thought the ftse had put in a nice 3rd lower top !

    Have been a bit busy lately and suffering from chart overload...will pop over when you have more beer !