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Monday, 15 April 2013

An excellent article on gold and what the Central Banks are up to


"The Internet has also made it possible for truth seekers to understand the complex policy of financial repression that explains the current historically low negative real interest rates, restrictions that appear to benefit government and banks at the expense of pensioners and savers and the desperate need to shake people out of gold and savings and into the stock markets. Financial repression is a policy that explains the "why" of this mystery. A thorough investigation of financial repression can be gleaned from such documents as the NBER working paper, The Liquidation of Government Debt by Carmen M. Reinhart and M. Belen Sbrancia or the exhaustive work of financial analyst Gordon T. Long.
Through such investigation we will find that, just as Cyprus revealed bank depositors are viewed as "unsecured creditors" by the central banks, financial repression teaches us that pensioners and savers are viewed as a direct source of funding for government debt and are the victims rather than the beneficiaries of such government policies. The global fiat- or debt-based model that has existed since President Nixon removed the U.S. dollar's final international peg with gold in 1971 is in many ways the polar opposite to the value-based model that exists when a currency is pegged in some way to gold. Although most pensioners were brought up to believe that debt is bad, that saving and living within one's means is virtuous, in the bizarre world of fiat debt-based finance, the opposite is true.
Mounting debts are becoming unsustainable at government, business and personal levels, and must be addressed. Yet the fiat reality has spoiled Western investors, and direct taxation and austerity measures are a Western politician's guarantee of removal from public office. Therefore, indirect taxation, rules that make assumption of government debt through mandatory Treasury purchases by large funds, and debt reduction through currency debasement are the preferred option for reducing debt. All of these policies rob taxpayers and punish savers."

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