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Wednesday 24 July 2013


If we can break the previous 2 lows and confirm with a HL then it could be some kind of head of IHS is forming.As it is there is much resistance here. The wild card is the high level of shorts ...


  1. "The work that we have done in the pancreatic and esophageal cancer area is to identify the markers and apply for patent protection on those methylated -- that the process for detecting those methylated markers. I am very happy to report that the markers that we've identified are even better markers for those diseases than the markers we have for Cologuard. They are highly, highly specific for those diseases. And we think that there could be tremendous value created by the ability to screen from the same sample, screen for upper GI cancers. This, we believe, will take a lot of work, but it would revolutionize the screening of GI cancers. There is today no effective broad-based screening method for pancreatic cancer. Broad-based screening for esophageal cancer is -- it is done with an upper endoscopy so it's something that is not widely available to the population. And we know that those 2 cancers, pancreatic cancer and esophageal cancer rates continue to climb. And if you take a look at the esophageal cancer numbers, pancreatic cancer numbers and colon cancer numbers, you're looking at a significant percentage of all cancer -- new cancer cases and cancer deaths in the U.S. and globally. So this a significant opportunity over the long haul. We have to stay focused on Cologuard. But our collaboration with the Mayo Clinic has just been tremendous because they have continued to churn out innovations in this area that we think will bear fruit for years to come."


  2. (Newport Beach, CA) - July 18, 2013 - Euro Pacific Asset Management, LLC, the Newport Beach, CA based asset manager that is owned by nationally known author and economist Peter Schiff, is pleased to announce the launch of the EuroPac Gold Fund (EPGFX), which will attempt to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in precious metals, precious metal producers and precious metal exploration and prospecting companies. While the Fund may invest in different types of precious metals, 80% or more of net assets will be invested in gold-related investments.

    The new Fund will be sub-advised by Adrian Day, of Adrian Day Asset Management, a well-regarded resource investor, who has managed a similar investment strategy on behalf of his separate account clients since 1991. ...