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Tuesday 16 July 2013

double top ? no surely not, too obvious :-)

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  1. considering the action in Russell and Nasdaq (leaders, whilst SPX is a follower) no, there's not a double top that could trigger.

    Technically it 'looks' like a double top, but will not trigger.

    Under EW interpretation wave 3 of int V of Major 3 might end in the 1680-1699 area. After that a pullback of about 30 points (wave 4 of int V of Major 3) but , dear CR, after that we have due wave 5 of int V of Major 3 = it is not a double top!

    Double tops (to be fully trusty) are a result of int. waves or major waves. not a result of subdivisions.

    of course, you can use 'double-top's interpretation at wahtever level you want...even at 'minuette's level or micro's. But the % rate of 'double-top's triggering is rising along with the importance of the wave.

    take care dear.
    and relax.
    If you want, I'll send you one of my great jasmine teas :) ... they work when my friend Ben has his usual panic attacks :).

    Aunt Annie (and her Pussy tom-cat) = a great pair of real-time option traders.

    Meow-Meow! (this is my Pussy that wanted to salute you and thank you for your wonderfull fully updated site!)