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Saturday 4 January 2014


We saw a sharp fall this week and interesting it was in line with the 6 year cycle chart I posted a few days ago.We have channel overthrow and are too far extended from the 200 dma but I suspect some choppy trading before the final (3rd ? ) top
Also interesting on this chart how good a support the 200 dma has been


  1. hey CR.

    Wouldn't you think Mr Market wants to kick the DAX to the big 10K as part of this giant wave from Oct'2011?

    Monthly charts will be offering 10k by late spring.

  2. Yes I have had that in the back of my mind,especially when I look at Murrey Math. Its hard to believe it wont at least want to tag 2x the 4962 low but I think we could have a small plunge first