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Wednesday 18 December 2013

confirmation on the Audjpy sell


  1. Nice AUD/YEN chart.
    That does look like 5 down to around $86 for 1. 535 zigzag to around $96 for 2. Could also be an A then B with a C to come but if it is a 3 down coming then it is generally set to reach down to around $64 for a really nice drop.
    That's what it looks like but been fooled many times on similar type setups. For a 3 down from that position would expect increasingly strong momentum from here - if not then danger of something else.

  2. Thanks.Some say it s the best risk on/off indicator so maybe this signal is significant for the stockmarket. We had a nice 6 mnoth cycle from the May high to the Oct high then a DT in a LH position and ema cross = great setup imho