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Friday 27 December 2013


Symmetry suggests we should not exceed 1852 (futs) before correction ?


  1. Aunt Annie says 1871.33-1871.65 as a toppy-top :)
    after that 1682-1697 and after that real hardcore sex like when I was in high-school... up to 2050-2125 area.
    after that the bears will come.
    cheers! (... with a hot jasmine tea) :D

  2. Cheers Annie,you're on a hot streak ! (is it your age ?)

  3. Oh , Dear CR,
    At my age some people think they should close their accounts with life (I'm 87 years old) ... but I'm crazy, I'm playing almost all my life-time money in derivatives :) .... and I'm doing generally ok (look, for 2013 I'm up + 136% with net position now 652 236 US$ total net - 500 000 as cash and TIPS, and the rest of $amount in trading capital) ....

    I swore that after my death I'll let all my money to orphanages or drugs rehab centers or generally to good persons that can help society! Anyway ...I don't have sons or daughters ...and my cat, Pussy, is dead .

    Dear CR, I don't want money for me, I'm almost dead.
    I want money to help the world!
    And I'm doing ok :)!

  4. I'd think by 87 you'd have learnt what not to post on the internet. W

    1. I think she works for Goldman Sachs :-)

    2. but I'm Anonymous, nobody knows my address, I'm just Aunt Annie .... :)
      I don't feel any fear! (and no, I don't work for Goldman Sachs, I'm too sexy and too good for them ! ;) .... :D Goldman's just a bunch of so called traders)...

      Aunt Annie (87 years old derivatives trader)