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Saturday 28 December 2013


Solstice- Equinox cycle - just something Im watching,not a forecast


  1. NCM on the ASX looks to be in the very final stages of a wave 4 of C wave of expended flat IMO. This would complete a B wave of a larger degree 4th wave and be consistent with the question mark you placed on the gold chart.
    It either breaks through the Elliot channels and goes up from here or has this final wave down. The white trend lines forming the expanding flat fit very nicely against the 3rd and 4th waves of the C wave which provides good backup confidence for this count. So one final move down to complete the C wave of this expanded flat IMO.


  2. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy overthinkin' it. JD

    You buy Phy on time intervals and average in. When everyone decides there's a bottom, the premium will be huge or there will be no phy available.

    There has never been a bad day to buy and accumulate PMs. W